Our Statement of Purpose

The objectives of Delaware Valley Regional Co-Living Cooperative (DelVal CoCo) are:

  • That this organization be a clearing house and developer of co-living opportunities including openings to and development of actual units, communities and/or neighborhoods and other cooperative living spaces.
  • Promote and commit that this organization be a worker directed non-profit.
  • Promote and commit that this organization have a dues paying membership. Dues would be determined based on a member’s ability to pay or, where deemed important to the advancement of the organization’s mission, in kind contributions.
  • Members may avail themselves of co-living opportunities that the organization serves.
  • Determine the needs of potential residents based on income and the ability to co-exist with fellow residents. Target groups can be designated in two ways:
    – Low and middle income individuals and families from the general population; and
    – Special needs individuals such as the elderly, the homeless, recovering substance abusers, those returning to society following incarceration, returning vets, and others.
  • Acquire properties to renovate and transform multi-dweller buildings into co-housing cooperatives or other co-living models. Properties can be established as land trusts, designating current and future use. Funding for property acquisition and renovation would be through foundations, social impact bonds and local municipal grants, donation or cooperative purchase.
  • Network with partner organizations that share similar goals
  • Promote sustainable, eco-friendly, green living
  • Promote democratically- and cooperatively-run, units and communities.
  • Where possible, include opportunities to integrate co-living entities with other cooperatively owned and operated products and services including, but not limited too:
    – Cooperatively run health and wellness plans
    – Food and consumer product co-operatives
    – Cooperatively run community gardens serving the needs of the residents
    – Cooperatively run credit unions
  • Where it enhances the mission and meets the guidelines herein set down, partnering with other community institutions such as libraries, museums, colleges, high schools and other institutions of education and learning, and other cooperatively run, green, sustainable services to advance and maintain the life and health of the organization and any co-living entities it serves.