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The need to connect with each other is as vital now as it’s ever been. Whether you live in a city, the suburbs or rural areas, that essential connection is not always easy to find.

Our society is structured in a way that often interferes with establishing close, long-term relationships with those living around us. We often find ourselves caught up in our personal financial concerns, distracting us from our more basic, elemental needs — love, sharing, caring and providing mutual support through the good times and the bad.

Delaware Valley Co-Living Cooperative is committed to providing the means for creating and cultivating community in our region. We offer the opportunity to reach out to others who are on a similar quest to network and collaborate with each other. We can provide the tools you need and the platform to facilitate intentional communities.

Co-living is grounded in the very notion that we are in this together and, working together, we can all be healthier and share our joys and hardships, We are here to help each other!

“To go fast, go alone.

To go far, go together.”

-African proverb


We welcome individuals and existing co-living communities to join our network and those seeking co-living opportunities to become members.

Delaware Valley Co-Living Cooperative is a legal non-profit organization dedicated to promoting co-living and other co-operative ventures across the Delaware Valley, which includes Southeast Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Northern Delaware and Northeastern Maryland.
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We’re Planning for the Future.

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We are looking for interested partners who would like to join us in these proposed communities.