Corona Virus Community Relief

Welcome to our community relief page where people can look for help or offer help. Below you will find community support from other groups that are supporting people throughout the Philadelphia area.

Our Statement and our Response:

Now, during these unprecedented times we all need to help each other… This is exactly what our purpose as an organization is all about. We believe that the current way of living in mainstream society has been making us unhealthy and destroying our environment. There is evidence that the current crisis may owe its origin, in part, to bad industrial farming practices the world over by moving humans closer to wild areas where viruses can make the jump from animal to human. (It is a bit more complex, but this is a contributing factor)

We can also see how the priorities of this system left us with our guard down and unprepared to respond quickly. We all must do our part. That is why we are strongly encouraging physical distancing during this crisis. That will be supporting an insufficient health care system and it’s front-line workers, giving them the time to prepare to help those who contract the virus until treatments, and eventually a vaccine can be developed.

This means staying at home and only going out for necessities or to get some exerciseand keeping physical distance of at least 6 ft from each other when we are in public … This will be a huge challenge and we will need to help each other get through it.

There are community efforts being organized to do just that. We are looking in on our neighbors, delivering food to those who are at greater risk of venturing out, and letting people know about other available resources for workers who have lost their jobs (Like non-profit and government funds being made available for people who have suffered economically) There are on-line mental health support efforts being offered and we wish to share any creative ways that people are supporting each other and entertaining themselves while staying home.

In this unprecedented time we are building a network of these community efforts so that people who can help, can find people who need help..

Use the links below to connect with people in the region who are affected by the Corona Virus

I Need Help

I Can Help

Below there are links to community efforts throughout the city providing various kinds of support.

Some are specific to certain geographic areas of the City of Philadelphia. (Once this network is up and running, it is our intention to build it out to surrounding counties and then throughout the Delaware Valley) Others are for particular populations. Still others are more broad based. Check them out and find the one that fits for you.. You can also go to the Mutual Aid Hub an on-line tool that will also bring you to these efforts listed below. And PLEASE add your own local effort to the Hub if you get one organized …


  • Philadelphia Corporation for Aging


Resources for Seniors including food and medicine support.


  • Philly Area Abolish COVID


Philly community rapid response to the COVID outbreak through organizing, action, and mutual aid.


  • The Poor Peoples Army Response to Corona Virus Mutual Aid Page


Dedicated to responding to the dire needs of poor and homeless people across the U.S. during this crisis.


  • Riverwards COVID-19 Awareness & Preparation


This group is to help all Riverwards residents to keep up to date about COVID-19 and share information within our community.