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A Great Conference — Thanks to Everyone Who Attended

At least 50 participants gathered for the first public meeting of the Delaware Valley Co-Living Conference, held at Mt Airy Nexus on January 12, 2020. Representives from organizations throughout the region shared information about their groups, connecting with a diverse group of individuals who are united in their desire to promote cooperative living and provide a strong  framework to address the need to overcome social isolation and fragmentation.

This is just the beginning of DVCC’s efforts to reach out to people and engage them in a proactive effort improve the lives of individuals and heal the many ills of society. Through a dedication to help each other and share our lives, we have the potential to effect change on all levels.


Join Us for a Conference on Co-Living

Announcing the first public meeting of
Delaware Valley Co-Living Cooperative

A new Co-Housing, Co-living and Co-Op initiative for the Delaware Valley

If you or anyone you know is interested in …
• Co-Housing,
• House-Sharing,
• Ecovillages,
• Co-Working,
• Food Co-Ops,
• Credit Unions,
• Workers Cooperatives,
• Urban farming and community farms,
• Time banks …
or any kind of cooperative, mutually supportive living and working arrangements you should attend this meeting!

Multiple studies show that loneliness and social isolation constitute a major health crisis today. The way we live now, isolated and committed to consumption and competition, contributes to poor health for many, and environmental crisis for all. One important solution to this is bringing people together in community and a sustainable culture. This is what Co-Living is all about. We are Committed to creating a Co-Living network in the Delaware Valley. Come to the meeting. Share your dream. Join the Network.

Groups and individuals will gather on January 12th, from 2 till 7 PM at             Mt Airy Nexus, 520 Carpenter Ln, Phila, PA 19119

Mt Airy Nexus is a Co-working space where we will share our propose and discuss how we all work together to create a broad network of Co-living and Co-operative efforts across the Delaware Valley.

(We will share a potluck meal during the break)

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