Welcome Home

Thank you all who participated in our first public meeting on January 12, 2020 at Mt Airy nexus.

We had over 50 people attend, making connections and helping to build a co-living Network that, with our combined effort, will grow and provide co-living opportunities throughout the Delaware Valley. Over the next couple days we’ll be sharing more about the conference and, with your input, laying out our next steps. Stay tuned!

A year in the making and DelVal CoCo is now a legal non-profit organization dedicated to promoting co-living and other co-operative ventures across the Delaware Valley, which includes Southeast Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Northern Delaware and Northeastern Maryland.


“To go fast, go alone.

To go far, go together.”

-African proverb


We welcome existing co-living communities to join our network and those seeking co-living opportunities to become members.

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